Notice from Republic Services – March 26, 2020

Republic Services is making some adjustments in response to dealing with the COVID-19 virus and other adjustments might come in the future.   The plan they have put together is to protect drivers against the potential of contracting this virus in the field.  Each of the four services are addressed individually below. 

With the Stay at Home order and children home from school trash volumes are expected to increase by 30%. This increase leads to increased labor time, increased trucks, and increased trips to the landfill which might result in routes not being completed each day.  If you do not get serviced on your normal day, please leave your carts at the curb as they will finish routes on following days.


  • Only trash cart contents will be collected. 
  • Drivers will not pick up any material by hand, it must be inside the cart.
  • If you have more trash than your cart can hold you can contact Republic Services to rent an additional cart.


  • Only recycle cart contents will be collected.
  • Drivers will not pick up any material by hand, it must be inside the cart.
  • It is expected that the pandemic will drive uncontrollable challenges in recycling and possible contamination concerns that could force them to dump the recycling with the trash. This is not happening at the current time and we will be notified if it comes to this.


  • Only paper bags and bundles will be collected.  NO cans or bins.
  • Yard waste is collected by hand, so these measures are for the safety of the collectors.


  • Effective immediately Bulk Service will be suspended as bulk routes are not essential during this pandemic. Those resources are needed to focus on continuing regular services.