Nall Hills neighborhood was born as a prime development of Winn-Rau corporation for a ground-breaking new neighborhood consisting solely of single family homes. In 1956, the Nall Hills Homeowners Association (NHHA) was formed with a total of 64 homes in this new construction neighborhood, and now includes 1271 homes. NHHA neighborhood consists only of single-family homes that grew out of this Winn-Rau development plan.  We are bordered on the north by 95th Street, the south by Indian Creek, the east by Nall Avenue and the west by Glenwood Street.

NHHA adheres to all property restrictions currently in effect for Overland Park, Kansas. There are no additional restrictions specific to the Nall Hills HOA. Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions. The Nall Hills Homes Association will provide you with general information regarding Overland Park’s public restrictions. Ultimate enforcement of these restrictions is the responsibility of the city, not the homes association itself.

Your Nall Hills Homes Association annual dues provides all waste removal services, plus sponsorship of the annual neighborhood garage sale, newsletters and other community focused resources.