OPFD Squad House #47 will tell you they’re enjoying their new home and their new neighbors.

While some neighbors were understandably nervous about having emergency responders move in next door, OPFD’s EMS Lieutenant, Alex Sweat says crews have been welcomed into Nall Hills with warmth and generosity.  Some neighbors have brought kids over to see the Squad and a few have even dropped off homemade baked goods for the crews.

Other than a small plaque by the door, Squad House #47 looks like any other home in Nall Hills.  But this fire house incognito has quietly been doing exactly what we hoped.  We have a significant volume of medical calls in our eastern response area and Squad #47 is proving to be the right resource for the job.  Since beginning service at the end of 2014, Squad #47 has responded to more than 1,500 calls for service.  They’ve been averaging about 175 calls per month.  In fact, they’ve responded to more than 200 calls right here, in Nall Hills!

The Squad House model is proving to be a right sized, cost effective solution.  So much so that Overland Park Fire is looking to implement this strategy in other parts of the city where communities might benefit similarly.

EMS Chief, Brad Cusick says crews recently received the ultimate sign that they’ve been accepted into the neighborhood.  One adjacent neighbor has designated the front yard of Squad House #47 as their “family meeting place,” telling their children to gather there should they have a fire in their home.

From all of us at the Overland Park Fire Department, thank you for welcoming us into your neighborhood.  It is an honor and a privilege to live in and serve the people of Nall Hills.