Nall Hills Homes Association

Bulky Item Pick-Up Regulations

October 3, 2020

  • 2020 Service is sponsored by Nall Hills Homes Association and will be serviced by our trash provider, Republic Services
  • Bulky items must be to curb by 7:00am.  There will be no call backs if your items are missed due to timing.
  • Bulk pick-ups are limited to 4 cubic yards* per house and must be placed at the curb.  *This is approximately 4ft x 5ft x 5.5ft                 
  • Each item must be less than 75lbs
  • Wood must be bundled in 4ft lengths, weighing less than 40lbs
  • Refrigerators must have refrigerants removed
  • NO roofing material or railroad ties
  • NO lumber larger than 5”x5” (height x width)
  • NO tires
  • NO yard waste
  • NO rocks, bricks, or concrete
  • NO household hazardous waste (paint, flammable materials, fluorescent light bulbs, etc)
    • To dispose of any household hazardous materials, contact Hazardous Waste at (913)-715-6907

If you have more than 4 cubic yards to dispose of, feel free to call Republic Services office and see about renting a roll off dumpster (816) 254-1470.

Nall Hills Homes Association and Republic Services offer 1 large item pick up per month as part of existing service (must be scheduled).  Please see for more information on this and all trash related items.