• Annual dues cover year round household waste, recycling and lawn waste service
  • Services are provided by Republic Services Phone: 816-254-1470 |  [email protected]   |  www.republicservices.com 
  • Pickup day for Nall Hills HOA will be Thursday.
    • In the event that that one of the these holiday days (New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day or Christmas) lands on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday there will be a one day service delay.
      • 2024 Holiday Delay Weeks: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

Guidelines and Collection Limits

  • Household waste: One Bin (65 Gallon is Standard Size)
    • Only trash cart contents will be collected. 
    • Drivers will not pick up any material by hand, it must be inside the cart.
    • If you have more trash than your cart can hold you can contact Republic Services to rent an additional cart.
  • Recycling: One Bin (65 Gallon is Standard Size)
  • Yard waste (Paper bags and bundles only, no carts or bins)
    • 10 paper bags or bundles per week limit
    • Christmas trees are accepted.  Must be cut down to lengths under 5 feet.
    • Bundles must be tied, no longer than 48 inches, no thicker than 2″ per branch and no heavier than 50 pounds per bundle.  Bundles count towards the limit.
  • You can now purchase special stickers to place on bags above the limit for pickup for household (limit of 2) or yard waste. You can purchase these stickers at the Ace Hardware stores on Mission/83rd and Santa Fe (west of Antioch)
  • Bulky items: 
    • Each homeowner is allowed ONE bulky item to be picked up per month but must be scheduled with Republic Services. Restrictions apply.
    • The Nall Hills sponsors a bulk item pickup event every other year (currently in even years). The date for 2024 is Saturday, September 21. Click Here for more information.
    • As of 2022, the City of Overland Park is no longer providing its biennial bulky item service.

Additional Needs:   If you need Republic to collect more than the limits stated above, you must contact Republic directly.

City of Overland Park’s trash can storage regulations:

1) All trash (bags, cans, bins, bundles) may not be put out at the curb more than 24 hours prior to your collection day.

2) Hauler-issued trash and recycling containers may be stored within two feet of any side of your home. No screening is required. Any additional containers, however, must be screened from view or stored inside your garage.

As a reminder, it is against the City of Overland Park’s Municipal code to set out any waste materials on your curb that are not stored in an authorized trash container, earlier than 24 hours prior to your scheduled pickup day.  Also note, it is illegal to put any discarded items (furniture, appliances, mattresses, TV’s, etc) out on the curb at any time,  unless it is part of a scheduled bulky item pickup with our trash service or as part of a scheduled neighborhood or city wide cleanup day.

Helpful Information

  • Place carts at least 3 feet apart from one another or on opposite side of driveway and close to the curb.
  • Do not overload the cart. If the lid is not closed garbage will be subject to wind and nuisance animals.
  • Please do not lean anything against cart.
  • The arrows on the lid of the cart should face toward the street, the handle should face toward your house
  • Yard waste may NOT be placed in trash carts. State law requires that yard waste, which is compostable, not be mixed with garbage
  • Do not put dirt, sod or rock in cart
  • Do not put flammable material such as oil, gas, paint, hot ashes or coals in cart
  • Do not put muriatic acid or other pool chemicals and supplies in cart. These can cause reactions in your cart and in the collection trucks leading to fires and dangerous toxic fumes
  • Do not put debris from construction, remodeling or demolition in the cart
  • Please do no paint names or addresses on your cart. Each cart is the property of Republic Services and has been embossed with a serial number.
  • Moving out of Nall Hills? If you ever move from your Nall Hills Home, you are required to leave the Republic Trash Bins at the Nall Hills residence. These bins are the property of Republic. If the trash bins are not left behind, you may be charged for the current fair market value of the replacement bins for the new resident.
  • Special House Line Pickup for those with physical limitations. The NHHA board must be contacted directly for any new requests. Each request will be vetted appropriately by the board before implementing a house-line pickup. Please call our office or send an email to [email protected]